Grocery Store Tour’s

Organic vs. non-organic:

  • Organic is grown in better quality soil
  • Organic farmers allow fruits and vegetables to fully ripen on the vine, instead of relying on chemicals to force them to ripen prematurely.
  • Inorganic is loaded with noxious pesticides (pesticides are neurotoxins that destroy the nervous system)
  • Fruits and veggies don’t fully ripen on the vine


What is GMO?

  • Food that has been genetically manipulated to withstand extreme doses of pesticides, to grow larger crops, and to appear more appealing.


Label codes:

  • 9 =Organic
  • 4 = Inorganic
  • 8 = GMO



  • Coconut: Great for cooking when using high heat, antifungal, antiviral, oil polling, hair, skin, nails.
  • Olive: Cook with low to med heat, great base for salad dressings.
  • Flax: Do not heat; adds a flavorful nutty taste and extremely healing.
  • Experiment with different flavor, taste and texture.


Organic Meats:

  • No antibiotic, no chemicals, no steroids, organically fed, free range, happy and healthy.


Refrigerated foods you normally won’t find in other stores:

  • Meat substitutions, organic grass fed butter, vegan butter, vegan mayo, soy, miso, raw sauerkraut, goats yogurt, coconut yogurt, almond yogurt, kefir


Nutritional Facts:

  • Serving: Pay attentions to how much per serving and what makes a serving i.e. 3 crackers, 4 squares, 1 cup. Based on a 2000 calorie diet
  • Calories: How much energy the food has to offer from a serving
  • Fats: Keep an eye on saturated fats and steer away from trans fats
  • Sugars: 4.8 grams or less per serving
  • Sodium: 460 or less per serving
  • Nutritional content: Daily value
  • Fiber: 3 gr per serving is ideal


Non-dairy options:

  • Coconut milk, almond milk, quinoa milk, soy milk, hazelnut milk, rice milk, hemp milk.


Healthy Sweeteners:

  • Maple syrup, Agave, Coconut sugar, Stevia, Xylitol, Molasses, Beet sugar


Wheat free Flours:

  • Plenty of wheat free options!
  • Millet, almond, brown rice, quinoa, spelt
  • ***Egg replacer



  • Endless medicinal properties



  • You can create a mood with tea.
  • Relax with chamomile, digest with peppermint, warm with ginger, energy with green.
  • Different flavors help with sweet tooth and balancing blood sugar level: chai, rose, flower teas, roots, fruit, etc.


Ethnic & Seaweed:

  • Seaweed is loaded with minerals, B vitamins, and iodine.
  • All are helpful; experiment to see how you like to use your seaweed.
  • Get creative and try adding new spices and sauces.
  • Variety is the spice of life.


Cleaning products:

  • Biodegradable, environmentally conscious, nontoxic


Gluten Free Grains … WHAT IS GLUTEN?

  • A protein composite present in cereal, grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.


Why is gluten so harmful to some?

  • It’s been genetically manipulated which causes inflammation and irritations to the body.


Gluten Free Options:

  • Millet, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, teff, amaranth


Nutritional Bars:

  • Plant based nutrition on the go.
  • Extra protein
  • Some are high in sugar, but still a better alternative to chocolate bars.


Make-up & beauty:

  • Organic and ethical companies.
  • Ingredients get absorbed into your skin and blood like food.
  • Whole food beauty products with ingredients you can recognize.



  • New forms of healing
  • Whole food vitamins
  • Herbal remedies
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Super greens like spirulina and chlorella


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