Juice with me

Bring friends and family to your personal workshop where you will learn all the facts, tips and tricks to incorporate juicing and smoothies into your everyday practice. You will learn MORE than the ABC’s of nutrition and why incorporating my glowing greens into your lifestyle will change your vitality! Skin issues from eczema to acne and challenges from weight loss to diabetes; I’m here to share my knowledge and coach you through the challenge.

This is it. Reach your goals with me!

Chelsey Marie.


Juicing curriculum

  • What juicing is
  • Why we should juice
  • Benefits that stem from juicing
  • Organic vs Non-organic
  • How to set up to get juicing the quick &  simple way
  • Proper juicing guidelines
  • Juicing recipes as well as recipes to utilize the pulp
  • Different types of juicers and which one is most suitable for your   lifestyle
  • Introduction to liquid cleanse

spinach juice


A one on one juicing workshop is only $120 (You+1). Incorporate green smoothies into your workshop for only $45!


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