Blend with me

Glowing Green Smoothies is where it all started for me. My skin was in rough shape at the time and I read that smoothies would greatly improve my complexion. So along came green smoothies. I loved them right away, I  felt so much better in the mornings and my skin instantly started to clear up. Since then, my heart has always had a soft spot for smoothies. My favourite factor with green smoothies is how much fibre you get from just 2 cups alone. They make for a PERFECT breakfast and midday pick-me-up! I love how I can add my pumpkin seed protein powder or spirulina to them without even noticing the taste. I drink them religiously, and when combining the glowing green smoothies in a daily routine with glowing green juices, you’ve got a deadly weapon for ultimate health, beauty, and vitality.


During our one on one smoothie session I’ll be teaching you why it’s so important to incorporate these delicious blends into your life, and discuss the physical, emotional, and internal health benefits you’ll start to see and feel!  We’ll create a blend together , go through all my tips & tricks and have you ready to jump start your new smoothie routine. I promise once your lips get a taste of these bad boys you’ll be hooked for life. 

You will learn: 

  • What smoothies are and why our body thrives off them
  • How to incorporate smoothies into your life the simple way
  • How to make any smoothie into a mega dose of nutrition
  • How to incorporate smoothies into your weight loss regime
  • All my tips and tricks on how to save money & time.

Girl you are going to be a smoothie queen by the time I’m done with you 

Book your one on one smoothie session today for only $120 and start feeling healthier than ever NOW!

Have a couple girlfriends wanting to jump on board the health train? Bring them along, first guest is included and others are only an extra $55 each.


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