If There is One Thing You Do For Your Health -Let it be This



There’s a moment in the morning when we are half awake, half asleep and not quite fully conscious. At those moments, we have access to our unconscious mind and our inner workings. This my friend is your inner compass to creating the healthy and fulfilled life you crave.

This is an exercise by Julia Cameron that I learnt about in school; it helped me get clear with which unhealthy habits and relationships I needed to remove from my life, it filled my heart with gratitude and taught me that optimal health comes when we are living our passion and appreciate all the beauty in life… I know it will do just the same for you 🙂 Here’s how it works:

The moment you wake up write down any memories you may have of your dreams. At first there may be nothing, or simply minor recollections, but as you do this over and over you will build the muscle. You’ll be sending a powerful message to your brain: I am prepared to accept my unconscious thoughts and feelings, and I accept that more and more will be revealed. You will develop a deep, direct relationship with your inner self and unlock unconscious thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings will always give us the answers we search for, we just need to connect with ourselves and listen.

Next write 10 things you are grateful for from yesterday. It’s so easy to forget how much we already have and how amazing life already is. By reminding ourselves of the these things we create a strong sense of happiness which truthfully will grow to be stronger and attract your truest desires.

Next comes the stream of consciousness writing. Write for at least a page, maybe two. Write whatever crosses your mind, goals, challenges or decisions you might be facing, a daily to-do list. Nothing is too pretty, too bad or too silly. Nobody will be reading this, so write it all. No censoring. All the angry, ugly stuff that you write in the morning would otherwise stand in the way of you being your best self.

By doing early morning pages, you get all those repressed thoughts out of your system so you can live your life and realize that you are not your thoughts, you are a spiritual being in a material world, moving forward towards the life you deserve, which is the life you’re meant to live.


Keep your notebook and pen by your bed and let the thoughts flow

Chelsey Marie xoxo