Sneak Peek Of Lake Country Family Dentistry Juice Workshop

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with the staff at Lake Country Family Dentistry about juicing and all it has to offer. Here’s a little of what I shared during the workshop, including a mini breakdown of my personal journey.

teaching at juice workshop

Juicing is one of the first things I advise to anyone struggling with dis-ease. From arthritic pain, to severe depression, weight loss, diabetes, extreme fatigue or even cancer; juicing will benefit all! When I first stated my juicing journey my adrenals were burnt out and my thyroid was functioning at a slower rate, also know as hypothyroidism. As a result I was sleeping 14 hours a day, my hair was incredibly brittle and I was constantly struggling with my skin. Adjusting my lifestyle and diet started doing great things for me, but juicing is what truly brought everything to a whole new level. I started drinking 2 cups of fresh veggie juice first thing in the morning for about 3 months straight. Those 90 days completely changed my life; I’m talking unlimited energy, mental clarity, a radiant complexion + my hair is now shinier and more voluminous than ever. From my personal experience juicing is the fountain of youth, your #1 beauty, brains & optimal health solution.

Here’s a little breakdown explaining what juicing is and  why it will benefit you.

What is Juicing???

Juicing is the process of “liberating” the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals from its fiber. Leaving you with a liquid concentration of live whole foods.


Why we Should Juice:

  • Our bodies are over fed yet our cells are nutritionally starved.  Consuming processed foods, or even being a rushed anxious eater will leave the foods you eat undigested in the intestinal track. This makes it hard for the body to absorb nutrients, even when eating whole foods! Because juicing has no fiber the nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream within 15-20 min. Nutrition guaranteed! Juicing will clean out the intestinal track removing the build-up so in good time your body will be absorbing even more nutrition from the whole foods you eat.
  • Our body strives to be at a balance of 7.365 on the scale of acidity/alkalinity.  Veggie juice is approximate 9.0 on the scale of alkalinity which makes it the perfect remedy for removing excess acidity in the body. Excess acidity is what leads to inflammation and dis-ease + excess “weight” (you’re not over weight, you’re over acidic, get juicing!).
  • Every single cell in your body bathes in your blood, which is made each day from what you eat, drink, breath and absorb… So if you ate a McDonald’s cheeseburger today and chased it with a cola, the blood cells your body generates today are going to be made in part of materials from that cheeseburger and coke.  Our blood cells keep working for us for approximately  5-6 months, so what you eat today will be coursing throughout your veins for the next few months. Which is why we must choose the foods we eat wisely my friend. By incorporating veggie juice into your diet your cells will be bathing in a concentration of fresh living nutrients.


serving veggie juice

Healthy blood = great sleep, sex, mood, cognitive function, as well as a cancer free, disease free, beautiful, youthful, energized you. 

I created this juicing workshop because I was so astonished with how much juicing transformed my health. I feel that it’s my obligation to share my experience and the knowledge I’ve come to learn about the relation between food and the connection is has on our body. If you have any questions or looking to start incorporating juicing into your daily routine don’t hesitate to connect with me on Facebook at >> chelseymarie

To your health!

Chelsey Marie xxox


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