How To Save Money + Eat Healthy On A Budget

save money and eat healthy

How To Save Money + Eat Healthy On A Budget


I hear often enough that eating healthy is to expensive. I’ve experienced this first hand myself when I took a year and half off do to my nutrition schooling, and can confidently say that it is completely doable. The tips below helped me not only save on a tight budget, but incorporate more greens and whole foods into my diet.



Knowing your budget will make it so much easier to work with; it will help filter out wasteful purchases on things like juice, chips, popcorn, take-out and so on. Knowing your budget will also help you to make healthier choices and avoid over spending and excess debt.



Check out your local farmers markets and independent grocery stores for foods like leafy greens, herbs, root vegetables and fruit. You’ll notice that most of what’s being offered is in season, which is why everything is much cheaper; and because it’s local most of the foods will be spray free of chemicals and pesticides. Leafy greens and fruit are typically the most pesticide contaminated foods, so eating organic or spray free will void almost 80% of neurotoxin consumption in your diet.




Shop around sale items, if you see that next weeks flyer has canned goods on sale do some pre-planning on which meals you can make based on those foods. Buying in bulk will also save you more money that month. I use almond milk, frozen fruit, and canned beans every week so I make sure to stock up when the price is right. Warehouse grocery stores like Costco are a great place to stock up on shelf stable and freezer foods.



This is by far where I save THE MOST money. Your smaller independent grocery stores don’t have sale turnovers as fast as big chain store, so fresh goods are always being marked down. Anything with a quick expiry date like fresh fruit, vegetables and even pre-packaged greens, are marked down and sold from 50-80% off regular cost. Not all grocery stores have this .99 cent area, however is you ask to speak with the produce manager they are usually more than happy to pass along a box of food that can’t be sold as “fresh” right off the shelf.


***Another little tip is to avoid using debit or credit, use cash only!! When you purchase with cash you see your money physically diminish from your pocket. Using cash will help you to reevaluate your spending and to align with your healthy eating goals.






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