Quinoa Stir Fry -Loaded With Major Beauty Foods!

I’ve had a lot of women lately asking me about the best collagen boosting and skin nourishing supplements. I can go on for hours and list numerous supplements that will “assist” with the health of your skin, but your #1 best and far most drastic change will  come from the foods you eat. Dull and uneven skin tones are simply a mirror reflection of what’s going on in your body, and when toxins are coming out of your skin your body is telling you that it’s simply to acidic. Here’s one of my favorite alkalizing and collagen boosting meals, these foods are loaded will fresh vitamin, minerals, and phyto-nutrients along with an amazing clean sweep effect from all the fiber.



serves 4-6

prep time 35 min



1 1/2 cup quinoa

3 cups of filtered water

1 1/2  diced medium white onions

4-5 diced garlic cloves

2 diced shallots

1/2 cup minced ginger

1 cup finely chopped green onions

1 cup chopped celery

1 cup of chopped kale

1 cup of chopped spinach

1 cup of peas

2 eggs beaten

2 avocado’s diced

handful of fresh cilantro (chopped)


2 1/2 tablespoons of soy sauce (brags is a great one)

3/4 teaspoon of sesame oil


Steps to success:

#1) In a large dry skillet, toast quinoa for about 5 min of until golden. (Stir often)

#2) Add 3 cups of filtered water to quinoa, reduce heat to med-low, cover and cook until water is absorbed (about 20 min). Use fork to fluff quinoa near the end. Once quinoa is cooked transfer  into a large bowl to stop from further cooking.

#3)  While quinoa is cooking sauté onions and carrots with coconut oil for 10 min.

#4) Lower the heat to medium, add garlic, ginger , and celery  to the mix. Cook for another 5 and then add shallots.

#5) Add kale, spinach, green onions, and peas to the mix and cook for another 5 min.

#6) Once  all the veggies are a few minutes away from being cooked transfer quinoa back into large skillet.

#7) Make a well in the center of the quinoa, pour in beaten eggs and lightly scramble.

#8) Once eggs are lightly scrambled, mix well with quinoa. After a few min of cooking toss veggies in and add sauce.

#9) Divide onto plates and garnish with avocado and cilantro.


Bon Appétit!



If you want to take your beauty to a whole new level add 2 cups of fresh veggie juice to your daily regimen each day for 90 days. Fresh veggie juice is my personal miracle juice, because of the lack of  fiber all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phyto-nutrients are absorbed into our blood within minutes. Juicing is by far one of the most powerful rejuvenating and blood cleansing tools your body will ever experience. Put it to the test! I promise you won’t regret it 😉

In the mean time join me for a 14 day green smoothie challenge starting Monday September 29th.

What’s the green smoothie challenge all about? 

The green smoothie challenge is a chance for you to start the new season with loads of nutrition with a group of amazing like-minded women.

What does it entail? 

Drinking one green smoothie a day, and by green I mean beautifying leafy greens like baby spinach, kale and romaine. I’ll share with you some of my best recipes,tricks and money-saving tips on how to make this smoothie challenge a stroll in the park.


Click here to join the fun!


quinoa stir fry



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