I’m so excited for this weeks meal plan! You might find it strange that two of the daily meals call for a smoothie or juice, but the reason for this is to give your body a chance to finally drop that last little bit around the waist. Smoothie and veggie juice will allow your body to detox all those unwanted toxins and as a result give you a more toned, flattened and smoother stomach + you’ll have much more energy and your skin will LOVE IT!

In this weeks newsletter I’ll be including a how to juice demo and sharing some of my favorite smoothie recipes.

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30 Day Beach Body Meal Plan Week 2

Since the beginning of the month I’ve kicked my beach body plan up a few notches by extending my workouts for 10 min, religiously having smoothies or veggie juice each day for breakfast and consuming coconut + fish oils DAILY. Another little thing I’ve done is planned and prepped my foods each week. I’ve noticed such a difference! Having all my meals planed and prepped is definitely the biggest game changer.  I’M SO EXCITED and can’t wait to walk the beached in Cuba at the end of the month.

Attached is the meal plan for this upcoming week 🙂

P.s the secret to making every meal super tasty is to get creative with herbs and spices and to find a few dressings you absolutely love. Avoid ingredients with anything hydrogenated and look for lower quantities of sugar.



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30-Day Beach Body Weekly Meal Plan #1

One thing I ALWAYS encourage my friends, family and clients to do is create their own meal plan and prep everything for the upcoming week. Having your food in the house and knowing what your next meal is eliminates the regretful last minute trips to the frozen pizza aisle or chinese for pick-up. Plus it’s a great way to keep track of how much nutrition your getting in your body. 

#1) Buy all your food on the weekend for the upcoming week (if feasible).

#2)Pre it! Chop the veggies and organize your snacks- if this seems like to much for you don’t worry. Having the food in the house is the #1 key here.

Try out this meal plan that I’ve created for my 30-day beach body plan!

If you haven’t already heard I’m posting my daily workouts, meal plans and sharing some of my favorite wellness tips from now until April 30th. Thanks to my beautiful mother I’ll be on the beach in Cuba celebrating her wedding on May 2nd. Being the obsessed planner that I am, I’ve created a 30-day plan to tone it all up and I’m sharing it all with you 😉

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Some recipes are already on the blog, missing ones will be up before Monday 🙂

Happy meal prepping! xoxo

P.s Unleash your creativity and add your own special touch!