5 Reasons Smoothies Are The Perfect Breakfast

Smoothies are simply the perfect breakfast! They promote detoxification and deliver wholesome goodies your body wants & needs.  Starting your day with one of  these bad boys with transform your health and beauty.

1)Simple way to load up on nutrients+super quick & easySmoothies are the simplest and yummiest way to add leafy greens and super foods like spirulina and omega’s to your diet. Once you find your groove it takes only minutes to create your perfect blend (for real).

2) Will keep your waistline slim. Smoothies are pre-digested food which is what makes starting your day with one so brilliant. The energy alleviated from digestion allows your body to keep cleansing, the more time your body has to cleanse, the skinnier fat cells get. Fabulous right!

3) A glowing complexion. All the energy gained (thanks to our pre-digested smoothie) is redirected to tissue repair and cleaning out toxins. The less toxins in your body=balanced hormones and happier, healthier cells. You will simply glow from the inside out.

4) More energy! Say hello to the super woman inside you because that’s who’s coming out! By starting your day with a breakfast smoothie you’re supplying your body with loads of fiber, the good kind of carbohydrates, and plenty of phytonutrients.(Add some protein powder and some omega’s and you’v got it made.) The energy boost you get from your pre-digested blend in combination to your elite dose of nutrients will have you feeling ready to run a marathon (literally).

5) More time to Cleanse baby! With the amount of food we’re consuming and the toxins we’re surrounded by, our body is spending 70-80% of it’s daily energy digesting.  The more energy you alleviate from digestion, the more time your body will spend repairing and ridding itself of the dirty t’s (toxic loads).

Smoothies are truly THE PERFECT breakfast. Put it to the test and try it for yourself! Make smoothies your breakfast for 1 week and see where it takes you 😉



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