Are you where you want to be?

Good Day World! Tuesday’s are one of my favorite days. It’s my day to check in with where I’m at and making sure I’m on track with my goals. Without this little exercise I would be running around with absolutely no direction and lucky to get half of my work done.

Here are my magic questions to set your priorities straight:
1) What are three goals you have for this week?
2) What are three goals you have for next month?
3) How can you create more time to focus on what is really important to you?

**Clarify your goals and priorities, and make sure you spend most of your time working towards your biggest goals.**

If you’re not quite sure where you stand try out these next questions.

1) Describes your top three goals for the next six month to a year.
2) What’s in the way of you achieving your goals?
3) How will your life be better by overcoming your obstacles and reaching your goals?
4) What type of support would help you reach these goals?

I hope these questions help you out as much as they do for me. I would be completely lost without this little Tuesday exercise.

SHARE YOUR GOALS ON THIS PAGE! Writing it out will bring you that much closer to them, I promise 😉

feb goals image


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