Guilt-Free Raspberry Sorbet

This recipe is so delicious and a perfect treat for when the sweet tooth is acting up.

For this recipe you’ll need a food processor. You could use a blender, but you might find yourself needing quite a bit more almond milk to keep things stirring.


2 frozen banana’s (no skin)

3/4 cup – 1 cup frozen raspberries

7 tablespoon of almond milk


Snap frozen banana’s in two and place into food processor with 4 tablespoon of almond milk. Once blended add another tablespoon to get the texture really smooth. When you’ve got your smooth texture add  3/4 cup berries with your last 2 table spoons of almond milk and blend once more.  If the texture is to liquidy add in some more fruit.  If it’s looking to thick then add in some almond milk. Be cautious because it doesn’t take much for the texture to become to liquid. If that’s the case just add in some more berries. Once it’s all done give it a taste test. If you enjoy a stronger raspberry flavour add in the last 1/4 cup.

Sprinkle on some chia seeds and your ready to eat!





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