Convenient Cooking

The other day a friend asked me,  “If you could only give one piece of advise in regards to health, what would it be”?..  AVOID PROCESSED FOODS.  About 80% of all food in grocery stores are highly processed, so unless you have someone who’s kind enough to cook your meals, your left cooking for yourself.

I personally enjoy cooking, I believe it’s just as important as staying active and having healthy relationships. When we cook our own meals, we’re connected to our foods in a different way than we are from eating take-out or dinning in.  Not only will you have a greater appreciation when you eat because you picked the beets, washed the produce and put the time in to put it all together, but most importantly, you get to control what goes in it and how much.  If your not one to cook, don’t be alarmed. I have some great simple and convenient tips for you.

One of my favourite reminders that I got from my Holistic Health Coaching School (IIN) is that it doesn’t need to be complicated to be fabulous.

Take the picture in this blog as an example… Chopping onions is one of my least favourite things to do. My eyes are super sensitive and burn for hours after dealing with these bad boys. So instead, I now drop it in a pot of bowling water and let it cook wrapped in the skin. It takes 20 minutes to cook and when it’s done, the skin peels right off. Because it’s cooked with it’s protective layer, I find the flavour to be much sweeter and tastier.

Kale is another great example, to save time don’t bother washing it, just toss it all in a bowling pot of water and let it cook for approximately 5 minutes.  All the bacteria die from the bowling water and the dirt falls nicely to the bottom of the pot. Once it’s done all you do is season it however you like and enjoy!


1) Use a timer: You don’t need to be standing around watching your rice cook for 45 min.  By using a timer you avoiding things over cooking and it allows you to multitask  in the kitchen or around the house.

2)Use condiments: Make a tray of a variety of condiments. Encourage your family and friends to personalize the meal by adding their own flavour. This saves you time and gives everyone a chance to put their own energy into their food.

3)Cook one eat twice:  Once your comfortable cooking the meal make a double batch. This way you have food ready for the next day which makes grabbing drive thru or take-out a lot less tempting. Rice is one of my favourites to cook double of, I’ve used left overs the next day to make porridge or in the evening to toss some veggies on.

Remember, if your new to cooking don’t be alarmed if something is burnt or doesn’t taste as you hoped. The key is to experiment. The more you cook, the better it gets, and the more you enjoy it.

Home-Cooked food is love, so don’t be afraid to start or to share it with the world. IMG_4337



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