Ayurvedic Fat Burning Tea

This tea is one of my absolute favourites, yes it taste fantastic, but what I love most are the health & beauty benefits that come along with it.

This blend in particular works incredibly well for weight loss. The blend of coriander, cumin and fennel seeds target the gut to sooth inflammation and enhance both  digestive & detoxifying enzymes. BEST PART  is that all three of these seeds contain fatty acids like, linoleic, palmitic and olein acid. Together they clean out our fat soluble toxins, the mean kind that we spend hours at the gym sweating our butts off to get rid of. The kind that’s also responsible for that cottage cheese look we might find on our bum and thighs. GREAT NEWS! This tea will help rid ALL OF THAT.

Last spring I sipped on a litre of this tea daily for about 3 weeks in combination to my yoga and clean eating. I was blown away with how flat my stomach had gotten. I felt so good and confident that I started tucking my shirt into my pants instead my usual fold over to cover up the muffin top.

This blend truly gives weight loss a whole new edge. I’m so  grateful for the Ayurvedic Doctor that introduced this tea on the Dr Oz show. Try it out! I’m sure you’ll love it too 😉


Place 4 cups of water in a pot and add 1/2  teaspoon of cumin seeds,  1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds  & 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds.

Bring to a bowl and let simmer for a 2-3 minutes

Poor through a strainer  into a 1 litre thermos.  The warmth of the tea plays a big role in cleansing out the fat soluble toxins.  For best results sip on the warm tea all day. Repeat at least 3 times a week or play hard and follow through daily.

fat melting tea


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