Guilt-Free Raspberry Sorbet

This recipe is so delicious and a perfect treat for when the sweet tooth is acting up.

For this recipe you’ll need a food processor. You could use a blender, but you might find yourself needing quite a bit more almond milk to keep things stirring.


2 frozen banana’s (no skin)

3/4 cup – 1 cup frozen raspberries

7 tablespoon of almond milk


Snap frozen banana’s in two and place into food processor with 4 tablespoon of almond milk. Once blended add another tablespoon to get the texture really smooth. When you’ve got your smooth texture add  3/4 cup berries with your last 2 table spoons of almond milk and blend once more.  If the texture is to liquidy add in some more fruit.  If it’s looking to thick then add in some almond milk. Be cautious because it doesn’t take much for the texture to become to liquid. If that’s the case just add in some more berries. Once it’s all done give it a taste test. If you enjoy a stronger raspberry flavour add in the last 1/4 cup.

Sprinkle on some chia seeds and your ready to eat!





The Perfect Chai

Chai lattes are so incredibly yummy, however to purchase one at your local coffee shop will cost you more than just a pretty penny. You can expect to pay anywhere from $6 for a cup and to top it off, they’re usually loaded with sugar. Making them in the comfort of your own home is  much more cost affective and believe or not.. tastier too! Best part is that you have control over what kind of sugar you wish to use and how much.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup Almond milk

1/2 cup water

Cardamom     5 (whole not ground)

Whole gloves    8-10 (whole not ground)

Ginger 1 teaspoon

cinnamon 1 teaspoon

black tea(I used a vanilla spice, but any kind will do) 1 teaspoon or 1 tea bag

honey 1 teaspoon or more(depending on your taste buds)


1)Place cinnamon powder and loose tea in a loose tea bag.. tie into knot and toss into pot 2) Peel and chop fresh ginger into tiny chunks 3) Place all ingredients in the pot except for honey and bring to a light boil, in the mean time use a whisk and keep stirring. 4) Once your latte is boiling bring it to a simmer and stir in your honey, give it a taste test and adjust honey, ginger or spices to your liking 5) ENJOY!

BONUS: Make your latte a maca chai.. mix in 1 teaspoon of maca powder  for extra health benefits. Maca adds a creamy and sweet taste so they blend perfectly together. ( mix in during step 3)

Maca heath benefits:  Aside from containing loads of nutrients and antioxidants, maca is an immune boosting and complete body balancing supplement, also know as an adaptogen. Maca is fabulous for increasing energy, endurance and stamina. As well as muscle strength, libido and acts as an aphrodisiac. Regulates hormonal processes, increases circulation and supports emotional health.


Non Dairy Mac & Cheese..yummy yummy

I was so incredibly excited to make this and now I’m even more excited to share this with you.

Non Dairy Mac & Cheese

Sauce: ( In my house we like things saucy, so I made a double batch to put on top the noodles. If your the same keep in mind that you will want to cook up some extra squash in case you need more)

  • 2 cups butter nut squash ( or sweet potato)  I personally used squash but I’ve seen other recipes use sweet potato
  • 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
  • 5+ tablespoons of nutritional yeast (Add more to your liking)
  • 1/2 teaspoon high quality sea salt
  • garlic & onion powder (optional)


Steam the squash until texture is nice and soft, transfer into a pot with almond milk and then blend with a hand blender until all chunks are gone and it resembles baby food. Add nutritional yeast and salt along with any other choice of seasoning. Taste and add more nutritional yeast or salt to your liking. Combine with brown rice pasta along with any other veggies you like. I added green peas, cilantro and parley. Enjoy!



Convenient Cooking

The other day a friend asked me,  “If you could only give one piece of advise in regards to health, what would it be”?..  AVOID PROCESSED FOODS.  About 80% of all food in grocery stores are highly processed, so unless you have someone who’s kind enough to cook your meals, your left cooking for yourself.

I personally enjoy cooking, I believe it’s just as important as staying active and having healthy relationships. When we cook our own meals, we’re connected to our foods in a different way than we are from eating take-out or dinning in.  Not only will you have a greater appreciation when you eat because you picked the beets, washed the produce and put the time in to put it all together, but most importantly, you get to control what goes in it and how much.  If your not one to cook, don’t be alarmed. I have some great simple and convenient tips for you.

One of my favourite reminders that I got from my Holistic Health Coaching School (IIN) is that it doesn’t need to be complicated to be fabulous.

Take the picture in this blog as an example… Chopping onions is one of my least favourite things to do. My eyes are super sensitive and burn for hours after dealing with these bad boys. So instead, I now drop it in a pot of bowling water and let it cook wrapped in the skin. It takes 20 minutes to cook and when it’s done, the skin peels right off. Because it’s cooked with it’s protective layer, I find the flavour to be much sweeter and tastier.

Kale is another great example, to save time don’t bother washing it, just toss it all in a bowling pot of water and let it cook for approximately 5 minutes.  All the bacteria die from the bowling water and the dirt falls nicely to the bottom of the pot. Once it’s done all you do is season it however you like and enjoy!


1) Use a timer: You don’t need to be standing around watching your rice cook for 45 min.  By using a timer you avoiding things over cooking and it allows you to multitask  in the kitchen or around the house.

2)Use condiments: Make a tray of a variety of condiments. Encourage your family and friends to personalize the meal by adding their own flavour. This saves you time and gives everyone a chance to put their own energy into their food.

3)Cook one eat twice:  Once your comfortable cooking the meal make a double batch. This way you have food ready for the next day which makes grabbing drive thru or take-out a lot less tempting. Rice is one of my favourites to cook double of, I’ve used left overs the next day to make porridge or in the evening to toss some veggies on.

Remember, if your new to cooking don’t be alarmed if something is burnt or doesn’t taste as you hoped. The key is to experiment. The more you cook, the better it gets, and the more you enjoy it.

Home-Cooked food is love, so don’t be afraid to start or to share it with the world. IMG_4337


Ayurvedic Fat Burning Tea

This tea is one of my absolute favourites, yes it taste fantastic, but what I love most are the health & beauty benefits that come along with it.

This blend in particular works incredibly well for weight loss. The blend of coriander, cumin and fennel seeds target the gut to sooth inflammation and enhance both  digestive & detoxifying enzymes. BEST PART  is that all three of these seeds contain fatty acids like, linoleic, palmitic and olein acid. Together they clean out our fat soluble toxins, the mean kind that we spend hours at the gym sweating our butts off to get rid of. The kind that’s also responsible for that cottage cheese look we might find on our bum and thighs. GREAT NEWS! This tea will help rid ALL OF THAT.

Last spring I sipped on a litre of this tea daily for about 3 weeks in combination to my yoga and clean eating. I was blown away with how flat my stomach had gotten. I felt so good and confident that I started tucking my shirt into my pants instead my usual fold over to cover up the muffin top.

This blend truly gives weight loss a whole new edge. I’m so  grateful for the Ayurvedic Doctor that introduced this tea on the Dr Oz show. Try it out! I’m sure you’ll love it too 😉


Place 4 cups of water in a pot and add 1/2  teaspoon of cumin seeds,  1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds  & 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds.

Bring to a bowl and let simmer for a 2-3 minutes

Poor through a strainer  into a 1 litre thermos.  The warmth of the tea plays a big role in cleansing out the fat soluble toxins.  For best results sip on the warm tea all day. Repeat at least 3 times a week or play hard and follow through daily.

fat melting tea